Join Photographer Francisco Marin On Board the Aqua Mekong

December 2017

Meet and learn from award-winning, professional photographer and videographer, Francisco Marin on our exclusive photography departure on the Aqua Mekong. By day, visualize daily life in Cambodia and cultural treasures through the eyes of a photographer. Then under his guidance, capture your own images as you practice tips and techniques for photographing the fascinating people and lifestyles you encounter along our route. In the evenings, ask him all your questions about composition, lighting, and technical enhancements. Then share your own photography challenges with this award-winning artist over a drink at the bar. Take home your once-in-a-lifetime photographic journal on the Mekong, professionally created by this talented artist.

Francisco Marin is a successful commercial photographer and teacher, practicing his craft in Asia for over 10 years and currently an instructor with the renowned photography school, Leica Akademie, in Singapore. A native of Mexico, Marin is an artistic photographer who specializes in capturing architectural and interior design for corporate and editorial clients.

Marin also teaches, leading training courses in commercial photography in China and photography classes for the general public, mostly in Shanghai. Outside of photography, Marin successfully uses his talents in video production. He twice won second place in the Mei Wen Ti Short Film Festival in Shanghai. Francisco continues his professional photography work and artistry in Singapore represented by Aflote Inc.

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