Agent's self-famil to NORTH & CENTRAL VIETNAM - This winter and 2019

Ninh Binh

ANZ travel agents: Combine a private holiday with the benefits of discounted famil rates.

This is a great opportunity to see parts of Vietnam that have not become cliched tourist spots and immerse yourselves in authentic Vietnam – it’s what we encourage clients to do!

Escape winter on a superb self-famil of Vietnam with a week of sublime experiences including back streets Hanoi, remote jungle, poolside relaxation and luxury cruise Halong Bay

Seven nights with highlights that include:

  • Hanoi at leisure with optional day tours

  • Suoi Mu – remote mountains of North Vietnam (not Sapa!)

  • Ninh Binh (not to be confused with the place near Byron Bay) & the hidden corner of Mount Tuong

  • Halong Bay luxury cruise

  • Hoi An ancient village

  • Community outreach

Suoi Mu is a much lesser known location. Tucked away in the mountains of the Tam Diep range, about 150km of Hanoi, lies in the Ngoc Son Ngo Luong nature reserve. A well-hidden piece of paradise boasting a concentrate of Vietnam's natural heritage. Find yourself in a lush green environment with mountains covered in jungle and scenic valleys sculpted by terraced rice fields. The nature reserve is home to the Muong ethnic people. A whole community of warm-hearted dwellers living in wooden houses on stilts scattered around the valleys in lovely hamlets. Life is flowing at slow pace there, people live a quaint life, doing a little bit of farming crops and picking what the forest is generously offering every day. Some vivid streams groove the mountains and rocks greets visitors with giant waterfalls, cascades and natural pools.

Come with us to Suoi Mu Lodge and discover a little gem nested in the wild. The lodge is composed of one single traditional Muong house. A rustic and sturdy building with some large wooden posts overhung by a thick roof of palm tree leaves. The place is private and a perfect spot for an intimate retreat. An outdoor roofed terrace and an exclusive access to the natural pools and cascades complete the property. Staying at the lodge is a lifetime travel experience. From hiking routes to relaxing in the natural pools, the array of activities is diverse and will please all.

Make yourself cozy, tread lightly around the village, go with the host picking some herbs in the forest, join a cookery experience over the bonfire of the kitchen, play volleyball with the kids of the neighbourhood or venture on a two-wheel exploration of the valleys. Suoi Mu Lodge is a place you won't find much about on Internet. It is set in a very pristine and untouched region and we all wish it to stay so. The doors are opened to very few travel companies committed to responsible practices. ASIA DMC is one of them.

For a copy of the full self-famil itinerary, contact Mark at Exposure Downunder